3.5mm T Type (DC-26.5GHz) Calibration Kit

SCK0TTL26-3.5 series VNA Calibration kit is a 3 in 1 mechanical cal kit,which used to calibrate network analyzers for measurements of components with 3.5mm connectors.

Compared with other calibration kits, Saluki's open short load (OSL) T calibration kit not only more precise, but also more economic than traditional calibration kits.

Saluki's VNA calibration kits and open short load circuits offer test equipment coverage for the most popular network analyzer models with 3.5mm/SMA series test port including Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® and other VNA network analyzers. 


Key Features
|  DC to 26.5GHz frequency coverage
|  3.5mm(M) and 3.5mm(F) connector configuration
|  50 ohm Impedance


|  Site Master
|  Cable and Antenna Analyzer
|  Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)




Model Name Frequency Spec. List

3.5mm calibration kit

T Type

DC - 26.5GHz

Open: ±2.0°

Short: ±2.0°

Load: VSWR<1.065

3.5mm(M) T type calibration kit
SCK0TTL26-3.5(F) 3.5mm(F) T type calibration kit


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